Terms of Reference

Carry out an impartial, independent, and comprehensive evaluation of the Government of Jersey Covid-19 pandemic response.

The review will examine the effectiveness of the strategic elements of the handling of the pandemic response, related to:

​Term of reference Detail
  1. suitability of governance arrangements
  2. role of States Assembly/Scrutiny/Interventions by Individual Assembly Members
  3. role of Parishes
  4. clarity/timeliness of Ministerial decisions
  5. overall communications
​Public Health duties and interventions
  1. protection of Islanders: impact of restrictions and guidance put in place which impacted on daily life, such as: lockdowns, physical distancing, shielding
  2. high-level evaluation of the efficacy of decision making and how it was informed by learning from evidence and actions of other jurisdictions
  3. outcome for Islanders including international comparators
​Logistical and operational decision making
  1. emergency Planning processes and preparation
  2. procurement, including of supplies and infrastructure (Personal Protective Equipment, testing equipment and facilities, Nightingale Hospital, etc.)
  3. the delivery of healthcare and social care services during the pandemic response
  4. the delivery of education during the pandemic response
  5. resilience of the Public Sector and the consequences for usual business
  6. strategies and systems of testing, outbreak management (including in schools, care homes, etc.) and self-isolation
  7. connectivity and border control
  8. strategies and systems for vaccination
​The balance of public health and harm with regard to wider societal impacts, including the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on certain sectors of the population and diverse communities. For example, mental health impacts on children, young people and vulnerable adults.
​Assessment of the impact on the Jersey economy
  1. livelihoods
  2. Island prosperity
  3. impact and effectiveness of mitigations such as support to individuals, businesses, and other organisations
  4. connectivity

The aim of the review is to provide evidence-based recommendations for the future; it will not seek to re-run or critique clinical decisions or individual strategic decisions, rather it will seek to identify lessons learned and areas for improvement to inform future strategies and operational plans.

The review will make recommendations to improve capacity and effectiveness for pandemic preparedness in the context of an Island environment.

The review will take account of information and circumstances prevailing at the time of such decisions.

Notwithstanding the current lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, it is accepted that widespread transmission of a novel virus and successive variant is not over and further reviews may be necessary.

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