About the Covid-19 Review

Following the decision of the States Assembly on 17 December 2021, a Covid-19 Review Panel has been formed to provide an impartial, independent analysis of the actions undertaken as part of the island’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The review will also provide recommendations and guidelines for the management of any future pandemic or comparable disruptive event.

The Panel has heard from local people, community groups and business interests about their experience of the pandemic; what went well or badly and what they think the Government can learn from this demanding period.

Submissions to the panel closed May 8th 2022.

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Summary of Views heard to April 2022

Following two on-island visits, plus additional virtual meetings, and after considering the written submissions to date, the panel has published a distillation of what they have heard so far, to April 2022. 

April 2022 summary

Why is this review necessary?

The pandemic has been traumatic for many. Lives have been lost and health has been put at risk. Livelihoods have been threatened. Family life has been disrupted. Economic life and education imperiled.

Pandemic management does not come with a playbook and all territories have had to work at speed to make decisions and implement plans to suit their own responsibilities.

As the pandemic eases, the Government has decided now is the time to ask all those who have contributed and been impacted, to reflect on what has gone well and what lessons can be learned for the future. A further novel virus is possible and other crises may arise.

What time period is the Panel considering?

The review will consider the island’s readiness for and response to the Covid-19 pandemic for the period December 2019 to January 2022.

What is the Panel considering?

This independent review is focused on evaluating the policies, decisions and actions taken by the Government of Jersey and its partner organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes, but is not restricted to:

  • The effectiveness of the governance arrangements to evaluate options and make decisions
  • How quickly appropriate measures were put in place to restrict the spread
  • The schemes that were implemented to mitigate the economic and social impacts

It is not focused on:

  • Individual complaints
  • Individual cases of care
  • Individual service delivery

All individual complaints should be referred to the Government of Jersey's Customer feedback service.

How do I submit my information for the Panel Review?

Unfortunately, the submissions window closed on May 8th 2022.

Can I speak to the Panel?

Face-to-face meetings (virtual or in person) are an opportunity to explain complex issues, which are particular to individuals or groups. The Panel has met with a wide range of individuals and organisations during the submissions process, which ended May 8th.

Is my submission private and confidential?

Submissions by members of the public will not be published in full. Records made by the Panel of individual meetings with stakeholders will not be published. A consolidated summary of the themes drawn from all the hearings and submissions will be published, with all names and personal details redacted.

All written and verbal submissions will be treated as private and confidential and will be considered by the Panel in accordance with its Terms of Reference

In addition, all submissions will be treated in accordance with the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018. Any evidence received under a confidential or private agreement will not be made public.

For more information on how we will handle your data, and your rights, read the Covid-19 review Privacy Policy

What is an Independent Review?

This is a Review not an Inquiry nor an Inspection. Inquiries usually have statutory underpining and all parties are legally represented. An inspection seeks to examine the gap between published standards and found practice.

A Review is looking at what has been done and has an expectation that lessons can be learned for the future. You can see the detail in the Panel's Terms of Reference 

Sir Derek explained:
“We understand that some may feel they have grievances or complaints and we will ensure these are looked at under separate processes. The Panel’s work is to ensure the programme of learning and improvement that the Government has committed to, is ambitious and comprehensive, and rooted in the experience, views and ideas of the people of Jersey.”

What is the timeline of the review

Date Event
Early-March Local hearings/interviews begin
End of March Review of documentary evidence and self-assessments from Government Departments and other relevant organisations
End of April Summary of hearings published
April-May Panel discussions with senior Government of Jersey Ministers and senior officials
June-July Report drafting
End-July Report delivered to Government of Jersey Chief Executive Officer
October Briefing to States Members and public press conference

The report of the Independent Covid Review Panel has now been published

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